Most of us only see old milk jugs, jam jars or olive oil cans as something to neatly organise in the recycle bin. But with a touch of ingenuity and a few moments of time these bits of rubbish can be the start of something stylish and fun.

With spring on it’s way we thought it was the perfect time to look for fresh ideas for that soon-to-be alfresco table setting and where better to start than our favourite olive oil tin!

You will need:

Used olive oil tin

Oasis (yes we know it is old fashioned but it works! And is water-wise too!)

Floral tape

Floral wire

Flowers, forage, fruit and other bits for your arrangement

How to:

Prepare your olive oil can by using a can opener to remove the top section. Be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp edges and wash thoroughly with warm soapy water and dry. Cut a piece of oasis to fit the inside of the tin. Prepare by filling a bowl with some water and your preferred nutrient mixture, place the oasis on the surface of the water and let it absorb the mixture until it rests at the service. Place in the container.

Use florist wire and tape to prepare any shorter stemmed items you would like to arrange with and let loose your inner florist. Voilà!

Thanks to our friends as African Relish Cooking School for the inspiration!


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