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To me, the act of cooking, eating and drinking is not only a way to please your palate, but to expand your horizons and feed your soul. I get ridiculously excited about travelling, locally or abroad, while meeting interesting people along the way, especially knowledgeable artisans, foragers, winemakers, craft-beer makers, chefs and small producers who make food and drink their lives’ work.

In my personal travels and in researching original food experiences and destinations for editorial stories, I discovered how challenging (not to mention time-consuming!) it could be to pin-point those must-see foodie spots, and to discover and book the best experiences online. And that’s why I started the delicious, exciting online adventure that is Eatsplorer. I want to share the love and make it as easy as possible for anyone with a passion for good food and a sense of adventure to be able to find the most amazing, authentic, interesting, hands-on and memorable food and drinks experiences, foodie stays and artisanal products that all the great food destinations out there have to offer.

I aim to make it easy to find culinary and drink experiences and products that give you a sense of a place, its people and its history, but also ones that tap into modern culture and the latest food trends. I like to showcase the people behind the food and tell their stories; let them share their expertise with you. I want to shape the future of travel and food discovery into something that helps create powerful personal connections between people and builds bridges between cultures. It’s about sharing, eating, exploring and experiencing. And I’d love for you to come and eatsplore with me.

Be part of the Eatsplorer evolution by following this link www.eatsplorer.com and come and discover your favourite foodie experience and many more Eatsplorer adventures to come!

Liezel Norval-Kruger – Founder


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Eatsplorer Contributors

Are you a passionate photographer, writer or videographer that has an insane love for everything food and drink? Do you thrive on meeting and communicating with interesting individuals in the foodie world whether a chef, artisan or fellow foodies? Does it fill you with joy and you have a real passion for telling their story? Come and join Eatsplorer as a contributor!

We welcome contributors from around the world! To find out how we work please email info@eatsplorer.com and tell us about yourself and your work. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Here are some of the utterly talented folk we work with currently:


Jenni Elizabeth – Photographer
Jenni, an avid portrait & lifestyle photographer of Cape Town, finds inspiration in the diversities of life, but the world is her venture. Her approach is personal as she pours a little bit of herself in every shoot. She longs to capture the story just the way it should be without fuss or fancies. www.jennielizabeth.com  @jenni_elizabeth2

Kleinjan Groenewald – Photographer
Kleinjan is a freelance photographer based in Cape Town. He loves planning new adventures and discovering new faces and places through his documentary style of shooting. He captures the true essence of the moment, or place, illustrating the narrative through his lens. www.kleinjangroenewald.com  @k.groenewald mail@kleinjangroenewald.com


Anna-Bet Stemmet – Copywriter
Anna-Bet Stemmet is a writer and translator who lives in the Swartland with her husband Jacques and daughter Alexandra. When she’s not minding her P’s and Q’s, Anna-Bet likes to paint, potter around in the garden, read trashy novels and explore the Cape Winelands with her little family. www.facebook.com/skryfyster @skryfyster